Rape is non-consensual, forcible sexual relations or other sexual activity. It can include vaginal or anal intercourse, oral sex, or penetration with an object.

There are many different kinds of rape, including:

Stranger rape: A person who the victim does not know rapes her.

Acquaintance rape: The victim knows her attacker, although he is not a close friend or family member.

Date rape: The victim is dating the person who rapes her.

Multiple rape (gang rape): The victim is raped by more than one man.

Marital rape: The victim is raped by her husband.

Case study

22/12/2010 11:10
  First hand account of violence from a client of WCCC.   We had been dating for two months when the first incident happened. I was a virgin and he was very respectful that I did not want to sleep with him. In this time he did not force me to have sex, which really impressed me. I thought...
18/10/2010 15:53
First hand account of domestic violence from a Client of WCCC   I had no idea that my husband is very angry at me on that night.  My husband came home, he didn’t knock on the door, he just angrily opened it.  I called his name but he didn’t answer back.  He hit me and my eldest...
15/07/2010 17:09
    A firsthand account of reporting child sexual abuse from a client at WCCC. It happened on a Friday night when I went back home with my mom after attending a funeral. We stayed at another family’s house and while my mum was having a shower I went in the kitchen and ate with the other...
19/01/2009 13:48
  A firsthand account of reporting sexual abuse to the police and prosecuting it  At first when I rang the Police I got the idea that they didn’t want to come. The incident had just happened – and my friend had to get on the phone and insist. In fact, he had to call another Police...