Partner Organisations

The Police Domestic Violence Unit

Established in 2007, the DVU is a pool of police resources dedicated to responding to domestic violence situations. They have a ‘no drop’ policy, which means that once a complaint is filed it can not be withdrawn, and the police have been trained in how to best respond to gender-based violence situations.  The DVU also works closely with the Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP) funded by NZAID.  The Centre works closely with the DVU on a daily basis with regards to inter-agency referrals between the police stations, the counselors and particularly the Safe House.

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Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health is the Government department that provides health services for all of Tonga. The two sections that work closely with the WCCC, the psychiatric hospital and the pediatrics ward (which are based at Vaiola Hospital in Nuku’alofa). Village Health Clinics also work closely with the TNCWC by way of referrals of clients to the Centre for counseling and/or Safe House support.

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The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Tonga is part of a worldwide evangelical Christian Church.  They are committed to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ in word and action, showing practical concern and care for all people without discrimination. Programs in Tonga include ADAC – the Alcohol and Drugs Awareness Centre, the Mobile Health Clinic and education provision.  The Centre works closely with the ADAC team particularly in the area of community education training and inter-agency referrals.

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Tonga National Youth Congress

The TNYC is an NGO that pools together youth from age 14 – 24 to respond to challenges from a political level to a grassroots community level. It has a focus on creating and promoting youth employment. TNYC also advises on youth issues to the Ministry of Training, Employment, Youth and Sports.  The Centre, through its prevention strategies, works closely with the TNYC with regards to youth empowerment and encouraging good leadership skills.

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Ma'a Fafine mo e Famili (MFF)

MFF is a newly established NGO (For Women and Families) whose key interests are in legal literacy around women's rights, children's rights and human rights in general.  They carry out community education legal literacy training and also provide English Language training.  MFF is also the partner organisation of Tonga to FEMLINK Pacific.


Tonga Leiti Association

The TLA promotes the rights and inclusion of those that identify as fakaleiti gender, that is, those who choose to live with feminine attributes in an occasional, temporary or permanent manner.  This organisation orchestrates programs, activities and partnerships with private groups, government agencies and community organizations, to increase understanding of the leiti population needs.


Tonga Family Health Association

Tonga Family Health Association (TFHA) promotes a Tonga with safe, healthy choices. Its main focus is family planning, although TFHA also provides clinic services across the three main island groups, support groups targeted at young mothers and young boys and promote community awareness via a radio program and the ‘filitonu’ (right choice) drama group.

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'Ofa, Tui, 'Amanaki Centre

Established in 1979, the 'Ofa, Tui, 'Amanaki (Love, Faith and Hope) Centre is the national disability centre for young children living with disabilities.  The Centre provides training and access to educational facilities for young children with disabilities.  It also organises home visits and provides advice to parents and guardians of the children.  In addition, the Centre organises bus services to collect the children and return them to their homes after the day's activities.


Alonga Centre

The Alonga Centre in Pea provides temporary to permanant shelter and accomodation for persons living with disabilities.  The Centre is also actively involved in facilitating various activities, including sporting activities for its members, and promotes the representation of Tongans living with disabilities at the Paralympics.  The Centre works closely with the TNCWC with regard to referrals and temporary support at the Safe House for women and children living with disabilities.


Naunau 'oe 'Alamaite Tonga Association (NATA)

NATA is a non-government, not for profit association formed by a group of people with disabilities who have come together to speak out for themselves and help empower people of differing abilities in the Kingdom of Tonga. NATA believes that people with disabilities are the best people to make decisions about disability issues.

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Tonga Life Line

Affiliated with Lifeline International, this Wesleyan Church-operated NGO has operated in Tonga for over 20 years. Through telephone counseling they are able to provide widespread, national support for those in need, and are also able to refer clients to appropriate organisations.


Catholic Women's League

The CWL encourages female members of the Catholic Church to work both in the parish and in the wider community to promote positive social change.  The CWL in Tonga provided the inspiration for the TNCWC through identifying a need for counseling in family violence situations, and establishing the first incarnate of the Centre based entirely on a volunteer workforce.


Tonga Red Cross

As part of the International Red Cross, this secular NGO has been active since 1974.  Flagship programs include First Aid, Staff-on-Loan and working to improve services for those with disabilities. Tonga Red Cross also orchestrates national emergency funds, such as the donations raised in the MV Princess Ashika disaster.


On The Spot: Arts Initiative

On The Spot develops creative initiatives for community service and artistic expression. Initiatives engage, educate and empower young people as dynamic social agents of positive change.


Civil Society Forum of Tonga

WCCC is also a member of the Civil Society Forum of Tonga (CSFT), the umbrella organisation for NGOs and CSOs in Tonga.

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