Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harassment is any behaviour/ gesture/ language that is persistent, unwelcome and is of a sexual nature. This includes requests for a sexual relationship, contact or favours together with an indirect or explicit promise of preferential treatment, or the threat of detrimental treatment if the request is declined.


Sexual harassment can have long-term effects on the well being of an individual.


Examples of sexual harassment:

Sexually offensive verbal comments

Uninvited touching, kissing or hugging

Indirect, rude sexual remarks

Repeated comments or teasing about someone’s alleged sexual activities

Persistent unwelcome social invitations, letters, emails or phone calls from workmates at work or home

Hints or promises of preferential treatment in exchange for sex, or threats of deferential treatment if sex is not offered

Offensive body gestures

Displaying pornography at work


Any person who sexually harasses an individual may be subject to legal action. It is unlawful in any work related context, including conferences, work functions, office Christmas parties and business trips. It is also unlawful in personal, non work-related contexts.

Sexual Harrassment case studies

26/05/2004 02:25
A first hand case study from a client of WCCC I have been working at my job since June 2010.  I just broke up with my boyfriend at the time when a guy from my work asked if he could be my boyfriend and I accepted.  After about  two weeks I told him that we’re finished -  I...