Latest statistics on violence in Tonga

The first six months of this year,  over 230 clients have sought help from the Crisis Centre.

The full report on 2012 clients is available here.

The full report on 2011 clients is available here.

The full report on 2010 clients is availiable here.

Click here for a summary sheet on WCCC.

According to the Ministry of Police:

        •         Since 2000, 2,753 women were victims of physical abuse

                 1304 convictions have been made under general assault in

                    Tongan Law – that means that 47% of all reported cases

                    become criminal convictions

  •         In 2000, 113 domestic violence reports were made to the Police

  •         In 2009, 404 reports were made = more than 1 case reported

            every day

  •         4 women and one child was killed in domestic violence related

            incidents in 2009

Over 300 cases of domestic violence, sexual violence and child abuse were reffered to the Crisis Centre in 2009. The full 2009 report is availiable here.