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Each month WCCC publishes an e newsletter "Mo'ui ke Fiefia" that is distributed to key stakeholders in Tonga and Pacific Networks.

It's the only way to keep up to date on the latest statistics and news about violence against women in Tonga. By subscribing, you are doing your part to reduce violence against women in the Kingdom.

Mo'ui ke Fiefia also provides insight into areas that are related to the work of WCCC - human rights, civil liberties, accountability and transparency at all levels of Tongan society.


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- Infants and children absent from development

- WCCC statistics review for the fisrt half of the year 2011

- WCCC Trustee Leads The Way In Changing Laws For Women

- WCCC to commence awareness to all Government Schools

- Case Study: “My marriage life was like living in Hell”
A firsthand account of reporting domestic violence from a client at WCCC.



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