Know the facts about Violence

There are many different forms of violence. All of them come back to relationships between people that are about an abuse of power and control. Everyone deserves their human rights to be respected – and that includes living a life that is safe and free from fear.

 The four main types of violence that the Crisis Centre deals with are listed below.

What is domestic violence?

Do you suspect you are being abused or do you know someone who is? Violence in the family has a lot of repercussions on long term emotional health. Find out more.


What is child abuse?

Reported cases of child abuse are increasing here in Tonga. No child deserves to be abused. Click here for details.


What is rape?

Rape is more likely to be done by someone you know, rather than a stranger. The majority of rape perpetrators are known to the victim – such as family members or trusted friends. Get the facts on rape.


What is sexual harassment?

Any form of unwanted sexual advances is sexual harassment. It happens everywhere - the workplace, home, Church and the community.  Click for more information.