I feel safe and sound staying here with my kids

18/10/2010 15:53

First hand account of domestic violence from a Client of WCCC


I had no idea that my husband is very angry at me on that night.  My husband came home, he didn’t knock on the door, he just angrily opened it.  I called his name but he didn’t answer back.  He hit me and my eldest daughter.  He kept hitting us until his drinking crew came and stopped him.  My big sister’s daughter called over to her husband and some of my husband’s cousins came trying to intervene to stop the fight, but he still would not calm down.  So one of them called the police.  Two police officers came and still he didn’t listen to anyone, and so the police officers asked the boys to help them taking him to the police station.


We all stayed up the whole night trying to stop the blood running off my face.  The next morning I took my children with me to my oldest sister. I know that my husband has a very short temper, and he is angry for a while after he hits me.


The police asked me to do the recording of the complaints but I told the Police  that I don’t want to press charges,  plus I’m sick of facing  court about this issue. I have taken my husband to court many times but I still love him and he continues to hit me.


Now that I and my children are in the safe house, we feel well supported and safe. It gives me space to think although it is not an easy issue to resolve.