Meet the staff

The staff (Back row standing): ‘Usaia Hemaloto, Malia Forget-me-Not Kavapele Tu'itupou, 'Ofa-ki-Levuka Guttenbeil Likiliki, Kilisitina Palavi Pifeleti and Tupou Mahe Lanumata. (Front): Lesila Lokotui To'ia and Sela Sausini Tu'ipulotu in our Head Office and the ground floor of Tungi Colonnade Building in Nuku'alofa.

‘Ofa-ki-Levuka Guttenbeil Likiliki, Coordinator: ‘Ofa has a passion for women’s and children’s rights and development issues and has been an advocate for the ratification of CEDAW for the past 7 years. Her key interests lie in women’s participation at all levels of decision making processes, young girls' leadership and empowerment and promoting children living free from all forms of abuse, particularly sexual and mental abuse. She enjoys the challenges of lobbying and advocating for these issues locally, regionally and internationally.

‘Ofa has a background in Film, TV, Media Communications and Journalism.  Her ultimate goal is to become a script writer, director and producer of films that breathe the lived realities of women and children’s journeys towards building a more just world!

Lesila Lokotui To'ia, Community Education Trainer As a Community Education Trainer, Lesila spends most of her time talking to people about violence. She really wants to encourage women that they have their own rights to speak make decisions and shouldn’t allow men to take advantage of them through violence. She also finds her colleagues inspiring and takes every opportunity she can to improve her professional development. Previously, she was a Government Primary School Teacher for 11 years and 1 year at the Ocean of Light International School.

‘Usaia Hemaloto, Male Advocate ‘Usaia is passionate about the role that men play in the family, and how it can be used to promote non-violent conflict resolution. He believes that many people are quick to dismiss emotional and physical violence as “a traditional part of the culture.” He challenges that norm and has found his own experience of living this truth with his family to create an environment that is happier for all.

Previously, ‘Usaia worked as a counselor for Tonga Life Line.

Kilisitina Palavi Pifeleti, As the Finance and Administration officer at WCCC, Tina is part of an administration team that aims to be efficient and transparent. She enjoys her work at the Centre because she has learnt a lot about preventing violence against women, and she wants to do her part to help.

Tina has her Diploma in International Business from Auckland Institute of Studies, which was organized long distance via the National Centre of Vocational Studies here in Tonga. Previously she worked as an account clerk for 8 years at Apex Insurance and spent 3 months at ‘Uta’atu & Associates Ltd

Sela Sausini Tu’ipulotu, As a Counsellor Advocate, she feels that her job needs patience, energy as her roles and responsibility extends as the years goes by. She hopes to get more grace in enabling her to futher reach out to help. She feels that she is having a positive impact on clients in an important time of change in their lives. 

Malia Forget-me-Not Kavapele Tu'itupou, As a Counsellor Advocate, she is really happy about the work that she does in empowering women and children that were abused. Foketi has been extensively involved with all parts of the community in Lapaha where she grew up. From a very early age, she knew she wanted to be involved in helping others in some capacity. She finds her work both challenging and rewarding.

Foketi encourages young women to become involved with the Centre to learn, like she has, about healthy relationships, good communication skills and raising children.

Tupou Mahe Lanumata, Communication and Research Advocate, Tupou finds it very motivating to serve and assist women and children who are survivors of abuse, produce the monthly newsletter, maintaining the website and the Centre's statistics. Previously she worked at Taumu'a Lelei Newspaper (Catholic Monthly Newspaper) also at the Koe Kele'a Newspaper.