Working together to address domestic violence

20/05/2010 16:31

A new referral strategy was mapped out today at the Crisis Centre which brings relevant Ministries and NGO providers together to improve services for survivors of domestic violence.

The Pacific Prevention of Domestic Violence Programme (PPDVP) visited with representatives from the Solomon Islands and New Zealand to share their experiences, with leadership from Detective Sergeant Haley Ryan. Together they designed a new referral strategy involves a weekly case management meeting – which brings together all the service providers involved in a case – such as the staff from the Police, Hospital, WCCC, Tonga National Centre for Women and Children and other service providers that may be involved, such as Tonga Family Health or the Salvation Army.

Susana ‘Utahafe, Counsellor Advocate at the WCCC said “Case management meetings allow service providers to share vital knowledge – within their confidentiality agreements of course – so that together we can provide complete support for the survivor”.

The case management meetings are a first for the Kingdom and will begin this month.