White Ribbon Campaign

05/02/2010 14:43

Worldwide statistics show that sexual and domestic violence are crimes that happen overwhelmingly to women:

o   9 out of 10 rape victims are women

o   95% of perpetrators of domestic violence are men

o   In Tonga over 200 cases of sexual and domestic violence have been reported this year alone, with 4 women murdered as a result of domestic violence

Violence is preventable

Men in our society hold key decision making positions. They impact the laws, the institutions and the families that we all operate within. Their commitment to preventing violence is an important part of changing the culture that allows violence to happen.


The white ribbon is only for men to wear

It is a sign that those wearing the ribbon acknowledge that violence is a crime, and that they are committed to ending violence in our society. The international  white ribbon campaign marks the 16 days of activism against gender violence : Nov 25 – Dec 10.

 Men who want to wear the ribbon must take the following pledge before they can pin it on:

Call leeanne or ‘Ofa at WCCC for more details  222 40 / 889 0197