WCCC’s Male Advocate commence Faikava Programs in various male groups in villages

29/05/2012 14:47

WCCC’s Male Advocate ‘Usaia Hemaloto carried out a Faikava programs to various male groups. This was more o a dialogue and a conversation on the issues such as Domestic Violence, Advocating for Women’s Human Rights and how this issue linked to STI/HIV.

There were 6 groups of Faikava Hemaloto conduct his programs, includes Kolomotu’a, Ma’ufanga, Kolofo’ou, Halaleva, Ta’ehaloto and the new recruitments team to the Ministry of Police, with an average of 25 participants in every Faikava.

According to Hemaloto he said, “70% of those were in the Faikava Programs they support the work to eliminate violence against women and children in Tonga, and 30% they said, just minimize and avoid it, but overall, they were all happy to discuss and share on the issue.”

WCCC’s Male Advocate are looking forward for more Faikava Programs and his next target are the school teachers, Sunday school teachers, Tonga defense and other male groups.

After these Faikava programs, these group of men were thankful for the knowledge that they gained and they also hope for more Faikava in the future.

We are grateful for the Response Fund Stream 1 for the financial support that enable this outreach program to start.