WCCC staff gain knowledge and skills to make a difference

12/04/2010 14:34

 Two staff from the WCCC attended a one month Regional Training Programme in Suva, Fiji. ‘Asela Sauaki, the centre’s Community Educator and Sela Sausini Tu’ipulotu, the Safe House Carer participated in this training which included over 40 participants from around the Pacific, PNG, Vanuatu, Solomon Is, Kiribati and Fiji.

The month long training was facilitated by the coordinator of the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre (FWCC) and with the help of their staff and guest speakers from the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)  and the Regional Rights Resource Team.

“It was a great opportunity for us to attend this very useful and enlightening training. Truly this training has given us so much information, books and resources that really help us in the area of work”, said Sauaki.

This training covered gender sensitivity, raising awareness on gender based violence, basic counseling skills, campaigning, advocacy and lobbying skills, international human rights instruments, research, data collection and analysis, legal literacy, HIV / AIDS and Women in conflict situations. 

“This training has really driven me to understand how important women are, and why we are striving for women’s rights, why we are working towards all forms of discrimination and violence against women, why we need equality” said Sauaki.

The centre would like to acknowledge its sincere thanks to Ms. Shamima Ali, Coordinator of the FWCC for this great opportunity to include the WCCC staffs in the training and all the other support of the FWCC through different ways.

 ‘Women need to be treated with respect just like any human. Men and women can stand together, and work for the rights of women no matter how hard and how bitter it is to go through but we believe in us that we can make a change”, said Tu’ipulotu.