WCCC commence radio talk back show as one of their awareness program

05/09/2013 12:00

WCCC has commenced a one hour weekly radio program on BroadCom Broadcasting Limited 89.5 FM Radio as one of its awareness program.

This is one of the Centre’s aims to bring these issues to the frontline and through the media so that the people are aware of the prevalence of these problems.

Issues such as Violence against Women, Gender Equality, Domestic Violence, Rape and Sexual Harassment are discussed and its negative impacts on the society. It hoped to gain people’s views and perceptions on how we can work together in addressing these issues.

The Centre welcomes any suggestions, questions, comments and recommendations on strategies that will best influence men’s mindsets causing changes in their attitudes and behavior to stop violence against women and children also to promote gender equality.

This program has really helped the Centre’s work and its services provided.