WCCC commence awareness program to Government Primary Schools

08/03/2012 16:23

WCCC Staffs held awareness program to four Government Primary Schools in Tonga at the Eastern District which are Mu’a, Lapaha, Afa and Niutoua. They talk about the services that the centre provides, the core areas that the centre is working towards to achieve in a simple way for the students to understand.

This program was targeted to reach the grassroots level – the primary schools at ages between 5 – 11 years old, as the children are still learning basic things as they grow up. The program started at G.P.S Mu’a on Friday the 24th of February, Lapaha on Friday the 2nd of March as well as Afa and G.P.S Niutoua.

“Students of these primary schools were paying attention throughout the sessions as well as the teachers as they said that the centre’s work is very important and they support it because they believe the children are much more vulnerable and they are defend-less”, said Mrs. Siliva, one of the centre’s Counselors after conducting the program.

“This is very helpful to us, not only for the students but for us teachers. We learn a lot and we find it very interesting, and today I can understand the Rights of a Child as well as everyone of us have a rights to everything, because sometimes we do things in fear and not knowing that we have a right to it, and I’m thanking you so much for the important work that you’re doing and the effort that you put into it”, said one of the teacher of Mu’a Primary School.

“I believe that this is the only perfect time for a child to learn and understand what kind of work we do. There is an increase in children’s referrals to the centre and that is why we are still planning to continue our program to all primary schools in Tonga”, Susana in her feedback talks with her colleagues after the session.

Lesila To’ia, the Community Education Trainer acknowledge the District Health Centre’s staff of the Ministry of Health for reaching out and work together with the Women & Children Crisis Centre in organizing and arranging schools so that we may be able to conduct these awareness programs. Your assistant has been a great opportunity for us to reach out to the grass-root level of the communities and the societies to help them with their life security and to eliminate violence against women and girls for our good as a whole.