Ten schools awareness program at Eastern District of Tongatapu

29/05/2012 15:06

In March, the Community Education and Awareness Team carried out awareness program in ten schools in the Eastern District of Tongatapu. They were Government Primary Schools of Afa, Lapaha, Niutoua, Talafo’ou, Nukuleka, Kolonga, Navutoka and Hoi.

Awareness Program were also held in Talafo’ou Middle School and Mo’unga’olive College.

The Principals of these schools were very happy after they heard the programs. One of the Principal said, “ thank you very much WCCC for the great works that you are doing, you are helping us teachers and parents too in taking care of our children.”

“The children are aware of the importance of keeping, maintaining and promoting peace which violence and abuse has no place there”, said Lesila To’ia, WCCC’s Community Education Trainer.

We are looking forward to carry out more awareness programs in the upcoming months and we acknowledge the help and assistance given from various schools in enabling these awareness programs.