Supporting the women and children of Tonga

18/10/2010 15:50

The Women and Children Crisis Centre expresses its sincere thanks to organizations, departments, businesses and individuals for all their support and donations. The centre is raising much needed funds so that it can continue to operate the safe house and free counseling services for survivors of violence –including domestic violence, rape and sexual assault. The Centre has been running a fundraising drive, which included a radiothon and collecting clothes and food from villages all over Tongatapu.

Since the Crisis Centre established itself as an independent, Non Government Organization in late 2009, it has received partial funding from Mama Cash<>, Global Fund for Women <>and the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre <>.  However the costs of furnishing and maintaining the safe house (which provides short term housing for survivors of violence) have been entirely reliant on the generosity of the Tongan community.

“It is amazing - every single thing in the head office and the safe house has been donated. To us, it is a sign that the greater community support the work that we do to eliminate violence” said the WCCC Director, Ofa-ki-Levuka Guttenbeil-Likiliki.

Reports of violence against women have been increasing in Tonga, with Ministry of Police statistics indicating that 2,753 women have reported as victims of physical abuse since 2000.

“Eliminating violence in Tonga requires the support of all parts of our society. These donations are a symbol that all parts of the community considers violence against women to be a priority area.

Especially in these times when the Tongan economy is not performing well – the decision by businesses to donate to the centre is very much appreciated.  During times of economic hardship, the number of clients to the crisis centre also increases” said Guttenbeil-Likiliki.

Finances are an ongoing factor of stress in relationships, and financial abuse in which one partner controls expenditure is very common.

The centre still accepts donations and support in any way you can to help eliminate violence against women and children.

Contact 22 240 for more details