Police Minister gives the thumbs up for the work of WCCC

09/03/2012 10:03

“The worked that you been carry out is very important and I’m here to learn and to support it, because violence against women is a major problem not only here in Tonga but throughout the world as a whole”, Police Minister, Hon. Lisiate ‘Akolo comment on his visit to the Women & Children Crisis Centre on Wednesday 29th of February 2012.

WCCC staff welcoming the Minister leading with an opening prayer and a welcoming speech present by one of the Staff, “we are very honor to welcome you to the Centre, because we know for sure that you help us with starting up of this organization while you were an Hon. Minister of Labor, Commerce and Industries, that make us here today.”

Follow up with a short brief of the Centre’s services elaborated by Lesila To’ia, the Community & Education Trainer and there was an opportunity for each team leader to introduce their works to the Minister as well as raise critical issues and priorities.  

They raised various discussion points such as a lack of funding, social issues (domestic violence, neglected of children), economic barriers and development issues for women and political issues such as the push for CEDAW ratification, and to show an action from the government on CRC. “There are much more to be done because there are lots and lots of problems, domestic violence, child abuse, neglected of children leads to drop out from school as one of the major problems nowadays, we need to do more with the help of the government ”, said Leti Siliva, one of the WCCC’s Counsellors.

The Hon. Minister acknowledge the great work made by the Centre and promise, He and His Ministry will continue to help and support us, “we need to stand and work together and focus on the work that we are doing, because it is not an easy job, and I and My Ministry will make it as our first priorities to assist you in whatever way we can do”, said ‘Akolo.   

“It is great to see a Minister that plays a crucial role in determining the future of Tonga. Peaceful society and advancing the role of women are key areas that Tonga needs to elevate if we as a nation are to progress, especially to achieve human rights objectives that we have committed to such as Millennium Development Goal 3: to promote gender equality and empower women.”