Outreach Program to women’s group

29/05/2012 15:19

WCCC’s CET, Lesila To’ia and Male Advocate ‘Usaia Hemaloto carried out an awareness program to a women’s group in Kolomotu’a. This was more o a dialogue and a conversation on the issues that the Centre is addressing. Topics such as Domestic Violence, Rape, and Child Abuse were covered. Kathy Mafi from TFHA also talked about STI/HIV. Discussions were also around on how Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and Rape and how these issues are highly linked to STI/HIV.

The group of women was very happy to discuss and share their views and opinions on regarding these issues.

Personal experiences were also shared and the group’s main concern was a substitute for hitting, smacking and other form of domestic violence. One woman asked, “What else to do instead of using the stick as a way of disciplining her children.” There was no direct answer. We all agreed to stop it and we believed that we had to have time with our children. Talk to them nicely; explain to them the reasons for doing things, and why something is stopped from them. Also the need to have a closer relationship with a specific time spends with your children.

After the program, which were held in the evenings of March 7th and 8th, this group of women were thankful for the knowledge that they gained from this dialogue. They also hope to call us to come again and talk with them in the future.

We are grateful for the Response Fund Stream 1 for the financial support that enable this outreach program to start.