Leading research: unreported sexual assault in Tonga

18/08/2010 12:26

Reports of sexual assault in Tonga have been on the increase.  In the first case recorded of its type, a women has been trafficked here into the Kingdom to take part as a prostitute. Cases have also been processed through the courts involving incest with minors and rape. This increase in reports may be due to increased criminal activity, or an increased understanding that sexual assault is not acceptable. Despite this increase, the majority of sexual assault continues to go unreported. Women are been discriminated, abused and forced against their will to partake in sexual activities.

The WCCC is writing a report in the unreported status of sexual assault in Tonga. The centre aims to identify high risk areas which require more access to services and increase the level of understanding about sexual assault as a crime.

There are many reasons that sexual assault is not reported to authorities. With cases such as incest or rape, which are highly taboo, victims may feel frightened or embarrassed. The perpetrator may also be protected within the community, especially if they are a family member or a known person to the victim.

WCCC is  writing this report due to the belief that It is about time that we take action to help stop sexual assault of women here in Tonga. If you know about any cases of sexual assault, or any situation that you believe may be linked to sexual assault, please contact the centre on 222 40.