LAUNCHED: Inspiring - Young Emerging Leaders Program

19/03/2010 15:43

The Women and Children Crisis Centre (WCCC) is pleased to announce its Inspiring - Young Emerging Leaders Program (I-YEL) to commence as a pilot program from April 2010 to March 2011.


The I-YEL program is accepting Expressions of Interests from young women between the ages of 16-30 to take part in the WCCC I-YEL Pilot .
The WCCC I-YEL program will be a safe space that will aim to encourage, prepare, and challenge young people from diverse backgrounds to be advocates for human rights with a special focus on women and children's rights, environmental and social change and the overall goal of promoting the ELIMINATION OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN.
Although initiated by the WCCC, the overall I-YEL pilot will be designed and coordinated by the young women who receive support and training in planning and implementing projects that create positive change in their communities. Through leadership development, career exploration and goal setting, I-YEL participants acquire the skills necessary to be the teachers and leaders of today and the future (an idea similar to that of the Crissy Field Centre)
The I-YEL program will also be linked to the Ta'okete (Big Sister) Mentoring Program.  This is where individuals are given the opportunity to team up with another inspiring female leader in Tonga who can provide one-on-one mentoring and coaching, particulary if the selected partner has a career path that the younger partner aspires to follow.