“I thought this is the last day of my life”

06/09/2013 11:46

I was the only daughter of four children. My parents divorced because my father was having an affair with another woman, then our mom left oversea and leave us to stay with our father.

During this time we were still at school, and it was my last year at tertiary school. I come across many problems living with my father’s fiancé’, she need us to do everything she tells us and if not she will tell us to our dad and he will punished us.

I was very sad because I didn’t get use to these things while we were staying together with our mother.

One Saturday I went with the girls’ next door swimming. My father came back from work we have no food yet and his fiancé told my dad that how many times she told me to do the haka but i refuse to do it and I went swimming.

While we were swimming, my younger brother came and call me back and I didn’t care. He came again then we went home. I haven’t got in to our home my father walk towards me with a piece of hose and beat me up.

He beat me so bad, I can’t even stand up but crawl around the ground and I lost one of my front teeth.

Luckily my aunty showed up and starts yelling at my dad to stop. She took me to her house and cleans myself and my bruises and make me food and to take me to the hospital but I didn’t want too because I was too shy.

After these seven years, this is the first time I have the courage to share it to one of the WCCC’s staff to help me. I have a family now with 2 kids but I need help in raising my kids and avoid me from punishing them just because of what I have come across and I didn’t want it to happen to my kids and my family.

I am very thankful for the hard work that the center is doing, and I’m encouraging all women if you have family problem at home, the center is more than happy to welcome and help you.