Huge support and donations for the Crisis Centre

10/02/2010 14:01

In the past few months, the Women and Children Crisis Centre (WCCC) has been receiving ongoing donations from different departments, organisations and individuals, as well as international support, which contribute to the centre’s work with the survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

People have recognised the importance of the centre’s work to the community and started supporting the centre by donating in whatever way they could. These donations include clothes, food and scholarships for both the walk-in clients and also the clients that temporarily stay at the Mo‘ui ke Fiefia Safe House.

“These great donations and support have really helped us since the establishment of our new organisation and we are grateful for those who have helped us in the area of our work,” said ‘Ofakilevuka Guttenbeil-Likiliki, Coordinator of the Crisis Centre.

The Coordinator and the staff of the WCCC would like to thank the different organisations, businesses and individuals who have donated to the centre and supported the elimination of violence in Tonga. May God bless you in all your work.

Donations are still encouraged – especially office supplies (e.g. desks, chairs) and canned food for the refuge (e.g. corned beef, tinned fish).