“He told me not to tell anyone”

22/02/2010 14:04

First hand account of violence from a client at WCCC.

I was 15 when my father began treating me in a way that was morally wrong. He would touch me and say things that you should not say to your daughter. He told me not to tell anyone, especially anyone on my mother’s side of the family. I always knew that it was not right – but he is my father.

It made me feel very alone. I felt different to my brothers and sisters. I still feel shame for what has happened.

Now I am 19, and I finally had the courage to tell my aunty on my mother’s side about the way my father was treating me. Straight away she told me that we must go to the police, and I was happy to go with her. I was very happy that my aunty listened and understood. I feel that she cares for my safety.

The police took me to the Crisis Centre so that I could stay in the safe house. It is difficult with my family right now. I feel safe and free here at the safe house. Freedom is very important to me – it is a big change from my recent past. I hope that my future will always be free.