“Go, I had enough of you”

06/08/2013 16:40

“He went last Friday 20/1/2012 to work, and up to today he hasn’t returned home. We had one child who was adopted and he is dead now. I was so worried about my husband, where he is because I know that he went to work. I contact his workplace to check on him but he didn’t come to work.

I have been thinking where I would go to look for him, because there was nothing happened between us that would make him left me.

I went to his brother’s home to see if he went there but he’s not. Then I went to his friend’s home to check and he was there but they said he left already, and then I stay and wait for him to come back.

When he came back, I asked him to tell me what happened that makes him go like that. The only answered he gave me, “go I had enough of you” and he went out and left.

I followed him and asked him to tell me what is going on and I was crying at the same time, all he said, “Go, I had enough of you.” I stood there and cried then I went home.

I moved and stay with my aunty (my mother’s sister) and think to find a job to get some money to support me and wait and see what will happen to our marriage.