First awareness program at Tonga High School

12/04/2010 15:01

 7 staff members from the WCCC conducted an awareness programme to over 1000 students at Tonga High School. The staff spoke on services that the WCCC provide including community education, counselling, research & information communication, male advocacy and the safe house (fale hufanga) for temporary shelter.

Various issues such as domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape to name a few were presented during the awareness programme. Sexual harassment is the most common type of abuse that is witnessed in high schools today and was of particular interest to the female student’s attention.

The awareness programme was informative and relevant for teachers and students, “We had several female students approach us thanking us of our support services along with that they are grateful to know that there is a centre here in Tonga that supports and helps women” said WCCC Research Officer Luisa Samani said after the program.

The centre is continuing to assist a number of female students with their school assignments related domestic violence. “Now we know where to get information regarding domestic violence as well as different forms of abuse”, said one of the students.