Comment from the Director

05/09/2013 12:20

You may have been following the issues regarding the Family Protection Bill and its submission for parliamentary debates, thanks to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Hon. Lord Vaea.

What's interesting about the debates so far is that there is a public perception that those supporting the bill are essentially breaking up families.  SO - let me share with you what we are really breaking up … in the hope that it will shed some light on the realities happening in Tonga …

1. We are breaking up the continual RAPE of a little girl by her step-father who forces himself on top of her every night at about 2am when the entire family is sleeping and telling her to go down on him and threatening her life and the life of her mother and other family members
2. We are breaking up the on-going verbal attacks of a grandson to his elderly grandmother who swears at her constantly and even smashed his grandmothers face with an object
3. We are breaking up an attack of a son-in-law on his father-in-law and beating up his wife at the same time
4. We are breaking up a father’s attempt to continue raping his two daughters for the last four years
5. We are breaking up a step-brother’s rape of his step-sister
6. We are breaking up a parent’s use of discipline – burning their child’s body with cigarette marks all over the body
7. We are breaking up parent’s continual verbal abuse on their daughter – leading to attempted suicide
8. We are breaking up the fear a little girl has of her real father who sticks his private parts in her little 8 year old mouth every night for the last four years
9. We are breaking the SILENCE on SATAN’S attack on Tongan families
10. We are BREAKING UP the evilness that everyone wants to keep behind closed doors and don’t give a crap about what’s really, really, really GOING ON IN TONGA!!!!

As the Director of the WCCC, I thank God for giving me and my fellow workers the STRENGTH and the COURAGE to do this work in Tonga.
So ask me again – are we breaking up families in Tonga?

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