Comment from the Director

03/08/2011 14:16

The Mo’ui Ke Fiefia Safe House is a temporary safe house for victims and survivors of violence in Tongatapu. It gives women and her children and young girls a safe space to find solace and access the support she needs most. Some clients can stay up to 6 weeks, others 2 days. It all depends on her circumstances and more importantly her safety.

With younger clients, it can be a bit tougher, some can stay for up to 12 months depending again on her situation, particularly if there is a court request that she be taken care of by the Mo’ui Ke Fiefia Safe House.

There are is always a staff member around 24 hours, 7 days a week and meals and accommodation is free for the victim/survivor.

To date, most of the food, furnishing and internet connection have been donated by the public. We’ve also had wonderful people donating rent money for the safe house when it first established.

Support services for clients accessing the safe house include free counselling, assisting her children to continue accessing education and so much more, and for our younger clients we try to ensure that their lives are not interrupted and that they can continue living normal lives accessing the support services she needs the most.

If you would like to support the great work that the Mo’ui Ke Fiefia Safe House undertakes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at our Head Office in Fanga, 22 240. Any donations are a blessing!