WCCC staff strengthens the women of Tonga by participating in self defence.

04/02/2011 09:52

Continuing to strengthen the women of Tonga, WCCC staff are holding a self defense class once a week to build confidence and strength. WCCC Director, ‘Ofakilevuka Guttenbeil-Likiliki said, “Knowing how to protect yourself in a risky situation is an important skill. It is about having the confidence to know that you can handle yourself if you need to”.

Staff of the centre are being trained as they often come into contact with perpetrators of violence in their work. However all women can benefit from learning to have the courage to defend themselves in dangerous situations.

Overall the message that self defence encourages is to avoid conflict situations, and to only fight if it is absolutely necessary. The classes are held by Australia Youth Ambassador for Development, Kylie Benson, who is trained in martial arts. She encourages staff to follow the four steps – protect, inflict, release, evaluate.

Kylie gave the staff a tip to yell “fire” instead of “help” when you are in a dangerous situation. “More people will come to stop a fire than respond to a call for help, because they may be scared for their own safety. But it’s really important to get the attention of people in a dangerous situation, because just having another person there can completely change the situation.”

If you are interested you are more than welcome to join us at the WCCC’s Head Office on Wednesday at lunchtime. For more information about the time of the class, please do not hesitate to contact the centre at 22 240.