Strong FWC sermon calls for Christians to stop the violence

21/12/2010 12:21

 The General Secretary for the Free Weslyan Church, Tevita Havea, performed a special sermon on the last Sunday of the 16 days of activism against Violence Against Women. The 16 days of activism against violence spanned November 25 – December 10 and celebrates relevant historical dates that mark the progress to improve the plight of women’s human rights. 

Rvd. Havea spoke directly to the congregation to stop Violence Against Women saying “violence is not ok”. He drew on several parts of the Gospel  of Matthew to talk about the importance of stakeholders who provide much needed services for those who are survivors of violence, and urged those who are Christian to work to stop violence in our communities.


Havea  spoke directly to those who are committing violence or those who know others who are committing violence, urging them to take action to make the violence stop immediately. “Members of this congregation - if you are committing violence against your partners – it’s not right as Christians”.

The service also included representatives from the Ministry of Police Domestic Violence Unit, the Women and Children Crisis Centre and the Tonga National Centre for Women and Children performing readings.

Rvd. Havea  also urged families to improve communication through daily prayer held together, and challenged families to really listen to each other claiming that communication is key to resolving conflict and creating a peaceful family environment