Is this fair?

13/11/2010 13:41

A first hand account from a worker at WCCC.

I took care of a survivor of domestic violence and her 7 children as part of my work at the WCCC.

This case reached court and it has been delayed 7 times. Almost every hearing has had a new judge, and with that comes a new way of dealing with domestic violence cases.

I have seen first hand the problems that the client is facing  due to the ongoing delays of court. The court said that she must stay with WCCC in the safe house until her case is resolved. This means that she and her children are living in a house that is not their home. The children have been transferred to a different school, which is very stressful for them.

Currently the client is pregnant and I can see that the stress of the situation is taking a toll on her. She feels very responsible for what is happening – She thought she couldn’t fulfill her responsibilities as a mother to her children and also her tasks at home because she is still doing daily jobs to pay for her loan that she did to buy a washing machine.

 With each delay in the court case, the husband is free to continue his life as he chooses.

She is not the one who has done the crime and yet she is living a life where some of her rights have been taken away. Is this fair?