“I just don’t have the cuts to tell anyone”

06/08/2013 16:43

I use to work to one of the government department before and we had some problem in which they took me to court.

One of the government agents was working on my case and suppose to take me to the police station to take down my statement, but he took me to some bush and rapes me.

It has been four years since then; I just can’t have the cuts to tell anyone about what happen to me, even my mother. I can’t get to report it to the police as he’s a government agent; I assume that they’ll just wipe it away.

I was ashamed of myself to even tell anyone that I have lost my dignity, my worth of being a woman, the one thing that you live for as being a woman.

I was working together with one of the lawyers concerning my case and I told him about what happen to me for the first time hoping that the lawyer will brought it up to be known, but he didn’t.

I have to see one of the government offices concerning the sentencing of my case and I have to explain my case from the beginning, I mention something about what happen to me and this person encourage me to seek help from the centre and I did.

At the moment we have a deal with the police, they are always there beside me to help and to go through everything, and I am more at ease at home feeling good about myself. I am just waiting for my court case.