“I jump out of the van and call for help”

06/09/2013 16:51

I marry young. We were very much in love. It all starts when we stay together. He have affairs with other women. He use to beat me every day and cut my hair with a knife. He always come with his friends and drinks in our house. He made me sit at a corner and do whatever he want me todo. Whenever we had an argument I always apologize but he never listen to me. He threatens me and says he can buy an another woman because he have money, I am just his house wife. He go out with friends every weekend and told me to stay home.

We have children but he never change. They saw us every day arguing and fighting and the way he treat me like a slave. One evening he came home drunk, he told me to warmed his food, but there was something he was angry with, he pushed me to the wall, he kicked my stomach and punched my face and also cut my hair with a knife. I look around and ran to the neighbor for help. They took me to the hospital for treatment then from there to the police station to take my statement, I wanted to lay charge on him.

While we were at the Police Station I saw my husband walk straight to me and say sorry for what he did. He start talking to me nicely and said that he just realize what he did is bad and promise me he’ll never beat and treat me bad again. At this point, I start to think that he is cared about me now, so I decided to go back home with him again.

As soon as we got home, he pushed me inside the house, close the door and start bashing me again. While beating me he said that it was what I've asking for since I want the public to know what he had done to me.

One Saturday he bought a box of beer. He starts drinking while I do the cooking. After dinner he started to talk to me angrily. He told me that I am a bitch. I was scared. He swear at me and talk about my past. At that time I felt like doing something to end what he’s doing. He went to sleep so I made up my mind to hurt him but I was too scared. I decided it’s better for me to leave the house. I took some of my clothes and go to one of my friend’s house at the bush. I hide there for almost a week.

One evening he found me and he was very angry and scary. He yells at me and I started to cry, because I was there by myself. I know he’ll do something bad to me. He came inside the house pull me to the van. He slap my face and said he’ll take me and beat me until I die. He ask me why I left the house but I never said anything but just say sorry and tell him I will never do it again. I cried and thinking of what am going to do, I know he will kill me.

I decided to jump out of the van. I felt on the ground and saw one vehicle came and I call for help. They stop and took me to the hospital and one of the man call the police and they came and took me to the police station and file my statement.

After that they took me to the safe house. I was happy because I feel safe and know that they will look after and taking care of me. I miss my children at home but I want to teach my husband a lesson.

The very next morning a counselor come to see me and I share everything with her and explain what has happened. I cried because I know that there are people who can listen to me.

On the day of the hearing the Magistrate told my husband that he acted like an animal towards me. All his reasons were not an excuse to treat me that way and he gave him a protection order for 2 years.

I encourage all women and girls who suffer from any forms of violence, Women and Children Crisis Centre will help you to live a life that is free of violence.