“I don’t know who to trust anymore”

06/08/2013 16:39

I am 19 years old; I was adapted to a family of nine with eight boys and one girl. I was meant to be a sister to their only daughter who is what I was told, but it was different now as I grew up.  I am the one who does all the housework at home.

My adopted parents separated when I was in class 5 and my adopted mother married again to a Pastor.

This year my adopted mother went overseas for two weeks. I and my sister were to spend the night at our neighbour as usual when our mother travels.

My mother left on a Thursday night and on Friday night I went home about 10:00pm to get a blanket and my adopted father call me from his room to get him his pills. When I gave him his pills he hold my hand and told me to sit down and take my clothes off, but I didn’t do it, and all of a sudden he hit me with a piece of wood at the back of my head and I black out until I wake up on the next morning lying naked on his bed. He walked into the room and told me he already took my virginity.

I went back to the neighbour’s house and they asked me where I have been and I explain them everything, and the lady at the neighbour call my mother and tell her everything but she didn’t believe it.

From then onwards, everyday my adopted father tie my hands and feet to the bed and do whatever he wants with me whenever I go home to clean up the house and cook their food in two weeks.

When my mother came back, my adopted father lied that he didn’t do anything to me, but after two days he admitted to my mother that what he did to me was true. My mother blames me that it was my fault and my brothers chase me out of the house when they knew what happen.

I move out and met a friend and we spent the night at the bus station, and roaming around in town for food.

After two weeks, I went back home and my adopted mother chase me away for good. I then talk to one of the police officer that I know and he told me if the adopted father tries to do anything to me again then I come and report it to him and they would take him to prison.

I met a friend in town and we went and visit a friend of her and the father of my friend found out what happen to me then he took me to one of the WCCC’s staff which they came from the same village. She works on my case.

I am too young and know nothing about the law. I didn’t know who to trust anymore. The centre encourages me to stand up for myself and fight for my rights and they were always there to help me with my case.