Girls Ask the candidates tough questions

13/11/2010 14:00

As Tonga fast approaches its historic elections, the Women and Children Crisis Centre is promoting the voices of young girls. In a first for the Kingdom the documentary, “Girls Ask” is being made in which young girls ask questions to the candidates about the issues of most importance to them.

 “Often we do not hear the voices of young girls in society” said Vika ‘Akauola, a participant in the Girls Ask documentary “using the medium of film is a way to make a safe space for girls to highlight the issues that matter most to them.”

Issues raised by the girls include unemployment, preventing violence against women and child abuse, teenage pregnancy, economic opportunities for women, the environment, access to services and freedom of information.

The documentary is part of WCCC’s I-YEL (Inspiring Young Empowered Leaders) program, which aims to provide girls age 18 – 35 with skills and career development.  It will be shown next Thursday, September 28th, with only the participants and the candidates in attendance. 

“The pressure is taken off with only the participants and candidates in the room.  The girls in the program are really articulate and have a lot to say. This is an opportunity to say it” said ‘Akau’ola. After the premiere, the floor will be opened up for candidates to respond to issues raised in the documentary. The discussion will be recorded and incorporated into the final cut of the documentary, which will be used to keep candidates accountable to any promises they have made.

Candidates are invited to attend the screening at the Free Weslyan Hall in Fanga ‘o Pilolevu at 7pm, September 28. 


  Koe me’a ‘oku toka ‘i hoku lotoˊ ke ma’u faingamālie muˊa ‘a fafine mo tangata pea ke ma’u kelekele ‘a fafine.”  Vika ‘Akauola, I-YEL participant



“ There’s lots of kids who drop out of school and it’s not good for the community because they go out with their friends and they get into trouble in their villages causing problems to their families and to their whole community” Sia Adams, I-YEL participant


“ Ko e me’a ‘oku ou tokanga lahi kiai ke fakalahi mu’a e faingamālie e kau faiako ‘osi mei kolisi fakafaiako he ‘oku ‘osi e ta’u ia mahalo ko ha toko 1 pe toko 2 ‘oku fakangaue’i he ‘ū ‘apiako e Pule’anga” Leata Hoeft, I-YEL participate ngaahi palopalema ki he ngaahi fāmiliˊkae pehe foki ki he komiunitˊi fakakātoa” ko Sia Admas ia, taha ‘o e kau finemui I-YEL