Don’t risk your life sticking to a partner that abuse you everyday

06/09/2013 13:59

It doesn’t always easy to talk about how I experience life in this age. When I was 3 years old my dad left. I was the only child and so my mom work hard for me and her family. When I was 8 years old my mom passed away. Everything went wrong. It was because I always make bad decisions. I started to smoke cigarette when enter college.

After two years I came to Tongatapu to my dad’s side. Then I started to cope up with how they live their life, drinking alcohol and smoke weed almost every day. I choose that wrong environment to do all that those things thinking, it counts. I passed form 6 in 2008. The next year I went to Tertiary Institute. By the end of the first semester I met this guy who asked me out.

I started to lie to my family in many ways to go somewhere just to be with him. And so I lose my virginity, one month later, he got me pregnant. After I gave birth, he left me with our child which he is a little boy and he was 5 months old. My heart torn into pieces thought it could heal by going out with another guy so I do the same thing all over again.

One day I think I want to put an end to all my painful times so I marry him. I was working at that time and so he jealous every day and hit me. I almost have black eyes every day. He abuse my little boy too, just because his mom advise him that he can’t continue stay as a husband to me because I have a baby already and he suppose to look for a person that will stay with him forever. He keeps on abusing me for years, by punching me almost every week. Then he got me pregnant again. After 4 months his mom made up a story that he’s not the father so he hit me while I was carrying his child then he left. I took him to court and so we separated. Those were very painful and unexpected moments. I seek advice but still not find peace.

Then one day I heard about WCCC and what they do. I went there and met a counselor and she took me in. Thanks, she helps me stand up again. Thanks to WCCC because ever since my husband left, I felt stranded and so lonely knowing that I don’t have any money and yet not prepared for the upcoming new born. They took me to their Mo'ui Ke Fiefia Safe House whom the people who work there will take care of me, and so the WCCC supply everything. They comfort me, my counselor always counsel me and make the right move.

It is how it made me strong. I use to be a cry baby ever since my husband abuse me. I came to the safe house and realize that I am not the only one being abused but there are many came through the same situation. Lucky, the Centre helped us.

So I file a case on my husband and every hearing my counselor accompany me to court and always by my side to support me. Up until now, my husband has not come to see me or baby.

The WCCC still gives diapers and clothes for my baby which he is 2 months old now. For 3 years I make the same bad decision over and over again. Even though I was abused by him, I didn’t have the courage to seek help until now.

Now I learn from my mistakes. I am now a new woman. I am not dependent on anyone for my happiness. So I’m here to live up to anyone’s expectation or make efforts to other people's happy at the cost of my own happiness.

So if you're wearing the same shoe, I encourage you, whenever you have family problem, seek advice to any women near your place or call the Centre for Women and Children to help you.