Comment from the Director

04/02/2011 09:57

Happy 2011 to all of our WCCC friends!  2010 was definitely a challenging year for the WCCC and we are truly thankful that we have successfully survived our first year of operation.  I must convey my
sincere gratitude to Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre for their overwhelming support, mentoring and solidarity throughout 2010, and to Mama Cash and AusAid Canberra for their much needed financial assistance.

This year we enter with renewed energies and a strengthened passion to continue the work that we do for women, young girls and children all over Tonga – to eliminate violence in their lives, uphold their rights, voice their realities and document human rights violations in Tonga.  We are hopeful that CEDAW (United Nations Convention on Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) ratification is one step
closer with the support of the new Minister of Education, Women’s Affairs and Culture, Dr. ‘Ana Taufe’ulungaki. We look forward to continuing to lobby for women’s rights to land and to encourage female leadership in all levels of our society.

Our campaign for this year is “It’s not ok”, highlighting the fact that gender based violence is never acceptable in any of its forms. We will continue to increase awareness about domestic violence and the
fact that no level of violence in the home is acceptable.  We are passionate about promoting the rights of children and providing education about child sexual abuse. We also look forward to developing sexual harassment policies in the workplace and raise awareness about rape and sexual abuse.

2011 is full of possibilities – help us to make the realities of women, girls and children happy and safe.