Australian Leaders visit WCCC

13/11/2010 13:48

At the crisis centre, the LAFIA team discussed the prevalence of violence against women, how the centre was established and causal societal factors for why violence occurs. The team were interested in the fact that the statistics for Tonga show that jealousy and finances are two of the most commonly stated reasons by clients explaining why domestic violence occurs.

The delegation was headed up by the former Australian High Commissioner to Tonga, HE Mr. Angus McDonald. He noted that the name of the centre says much about the level of change in Tongan society, relaying that originally when the first safe house for victims of domestic violence was set up, the name ‘crisis centre’ was too controversial to put in the title. The fact that now Tonga has an independent NGO under the name of Crisis Centre indicates that the level of awareness of the severity of the crime that is violence against women has increased.