2011 Camp GLOW - Ha’apai

03/08/2011 13:58

WCCC participated in the 2011 Girls Empowerment Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) held recently in Ha’apai. Community Education Trainer, Lesila To’ia conducted a presentation on   the Centre to the 3 girls and camp counselors. “It  was  really  encouraging  and  inspiring  for me to  see this  group  of  young  girls eager  to hear  about  the  centre. They asked lots of questions  about  the  various  forms  of  abuse, and  how the  centre  deals  with  these  survivors.”

One of the participants said “I am thankful  that  there is a  place  you can turn to for support  and  help  if  you come  through  or  experience  these  types  of  violence and it is a pity that the centre is at Tongatapu only, but  with  your  24  hours  phone  services  I  know  for  sure  we  can pick  up  the phone  and  call your  centre. Thank you  for  the  empowerment  of  these  women  and  children  who  have  struggled  and  suffered  a lot.”

The young girls  were  surprised  when  talking  about  sexual  harassment, for  most  of  them  admit  that  it  is common  at  school,  while  boys  see it  as  a kind  of  joke. One girl mentioned that  it was an eye opener  for  them  to  learn that  sexual harassment is a  crime  for  they  usually  see  it  as  normal.

The girls were really enjoying  the  session  and  wanted  to  learn  more  about  the  centre. They were happy to  know  about  the  network  with  various  stakeholders  especially  the  Ministry  of  Police (Domestic Violence Unit)  in  trying  to  address  the  issues  of  abuse  and  violence. They were also interested to hear about the team of male advocates who promote women’s human rights and to the role that men and boys can play in stopping violence against women and children.

WCCC extends its gratitude to the Camp GLOW organizers, who were the Ministry of Training, Education, Youth and Sports in conjunction with the Peace Corps. “The camp plays an important space for girls to be reminded that they are our Kingdom’s future” said To’ia.